Holiday Safety

Before you travel

We recommend that you have travel insurance to give you peace of mind and to protect you against things going wrong, such as medical emergencies, cancellation or curtailment for reasons beyond your control. Please see our Holiday Insurance Page for further information.   

It is important to check the latest advice for the country you’re travelling to, paying particular attention to the entry requirements Foreign travel advice for IndiaPlease be mindful that the information given is only for travel at the present time and is not necessarily applicable for later in the year so do check it regularly.


Safety on Holiday

The safety of our customers on holiday is our prime consideration. We request that all hotels comply with local regulations applicable in their country, but it’s important to be aware that they sometimes do not match the standards we have in the UK for health and safety. We’re committed to working with our partners to identity areas where safety can be improved. We would encourage our customers to talk to other members in their party about the need to take care when travelling abroad and to be aware of the possible risks. To help with this, please refer to the further information listed below.

Where to go for more advice on safe travel  

Visit the Travel Aware website for information on how to prepare for safe and healthy travel.  

Read the ABTA health and safety pdf highlighting how to have a safe holiday in the sun. 


Remember, if you have any queries or concerns, you can give us a call. We're more than happy to help.