The Glimpses of Goa Tour

Discover the history, heritage and character of Goa with a day of exploring its sights, shops and spices.

Holidays to Goa shouldn’t be spent solely on the sand, even if the beaches make this a very tempting proposition. The state possesses a fascinating array of cultural and historical attractions including several UNESCO World Heritage sites, from reminders of Goa’s Portuguese colonial heritage to its atmospheric present day capital. The Glimpses of Goa tour provides the perfect opportunity to discover this aspect of Goa’s character, guiding you through Goa’s history and cultural identity on a memorable day’s tour.

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The tour begins north of Ponda near the village of Priol, with a visit to the Shri Mangueshi Temple. Set in a thick forest, although small it has an air of distinctive elegance. Its lofty white tower at the entrance is a landmark of the countryside. 


The Shantadurga Temple, a Hindu temple in Ponda

A Goan buffet lunch will be served after a guided tour of one of Goa’s oldest spice plantations. The 130-acre spice farm grows various spices including cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg as well as various fruits, herbs and nuts.

After your authentic meal, you will continue the tour with a visit to Old Goa, once the largest, richest and most affluent city in the whole of Asia. Many signs of this golden era remain today, especially in the shape of Old Goa’s magnificent churches, including the Basilica of Bom Jesus, whcih is a famous and popular church in Goa. The mortal remians of St.Francis Xavier, kept on a silver casket, are enshrined here.

Next vist the Se Cathedral the most imposing of all churches at Old Goa. This Cathedral has five bells of which one is the famous golden bell.

Drive into Goa's old capital - Panjim to spend some time admiring the colourful old buildings and an opportunity for some shopping. Hit the shops and markets of the capital and ensure you have a souvenir or two to take home with you from your Goa Holiday.

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Excursion price from £60 per person

  • You will be able to pe-book this excursion or on arrival in Goa.
  • Private vehicle with driver guide
  • Excursion days - any day
  • Operational between - October to April
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