Birdwatching in Goa

Explore the beautiful birdlife in Goa - which species will you discover?

With its varied and unique habitats, from beaches and river banks to the mountainous slopes of the Western Ghats, Goa is very much a bird watchers paradise. The state boasts a wide variety of bird life, both resident and migratory and had made ample provisions for ardent ornithologists who would like to indulge in a spot of exotic bird watching.

Spotted Owlet - Goa

Although the resident bird life is in Goa all through the year, the migratory birds visit mostly during the winter months and are seen flocking to their winter homes after the months of September to March.

Bird watchers in Goa are truly spoilt for choice. The state is home to more than 450 species of birds. 24 species of bird are endemic to the Western Ghats. Of these, 13 can be found in Goa.

Your birdwatching day is spent at Carambolim Lake.

Price from £60 per person

  • You will be able to book this excursion either in the UK or on arrival / during your holiday to Goa.
  • Private vehicle hire with driver and guide
  • Excursion days - Everyday (subject to availability)
  • Operational between - October to April
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