Birdwatching in Goa

Explore the beautiful birdlife in Goa - which species will you discover?

A paradise for bird lovers, the opportunities for birdwatching in Goa are endless. Home to over 450 species, one of the advantages to birdwatching in Goa is its size – being a small state, it’s possible to explore many different hotspots for birdlife in a short amount of time. Lakes, springs, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and more present many birds, and the Western Ghats that make their way through Goa are also home to 13 of the 24 species that reside within the entire mountain range.

Spotted Owlet - Goa

From Blue-eared Kingfishers and Indian Pittas through to Terek Sandpipers and Purple Heron, birdwatchers are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to birding locations and the variety of sightings on offer.

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