Flight Requests, Baggage & TOD

If you have flight requests, questions about baggage requirements and hand luggage, or wish to speak to us about arranging for ticket on departure don't hesitate to get in touch.

Baggage Information

The maximum size for items of hand luggage is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm per bag weighing no more than 5kgs (11lb). Weights and sizes may vary by airline. However, airlines can apply their own operational policies governing the number of items of hand baggage which may be taken in to the aircraft cabin. If in doubt, please call our Administration department on 01489 866987 to check.

Where possible, put all liquid items in your hold baggage. This includes water and other drinks, creams, sprays, pastes and gels. Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in individual containers of up to 100ml. All containers must fit comfortably in one, transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm (e.g. a freezer bag).

Requirements can vary slightly depending on the airport.

Baggage Allowance

If you are carrying more than your allocated amount you will have to pay an excess baggage charge (typically £15 per extra kilo) at check-in and we cannot guarantee that the airline will accept all of your baggage. Please note that most airlines will not accept a bag that is over 23kg or may change extra for it being 'heavy'. It is always best to spread your luggage across a couple of bags to avoid this. Please call our Administration department on 01489 866987for more advice.

If you are unable to carry items in your usual baggage allowance, we recommend you call our Administration department on 01489 866987who will be happy to go through the available options with you.

Airport Security Information

Please follow the links below to view security requirements for the airports we travel from:

Ticket on Departure

All flight tickets and travel documents are usually sent to you 2 weeks prior to your departure.

However, if you have booked close to your date of travel or have been advised that your tickets will be issued on departure, you will need to collect your tickets at the airport, they will not be sent to you.

Please note there is a £15 per person Ticket On Departure charge for any bookings made within one week of departure.

The following arrangements have been made for you to collect your tickets and travel documents at your departure airport. 

Please allow extra time before check-in to collect your travel documents.

You must take the payment card used in your transaction to the airport with you, in order to collect your tickets.

Please check your terminal.

BAA London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick - South Terminal - Thomas Cook Airlines
Prior to check in, please collect your tickets from the Ace Handling representative who will be waiting near the Thomas Cook Airlines Check in desks and carrying a Goa Experience folder.

BAA London Gatwick Airport

London Heathrow - Terminal 4
Please collect your tickets from the Reps UK representative who will be situated near the check-in desk located in the zone indicated beside your flight number on the departure screens.

Manchester Airport

Manchester - Terminal 1 - Thomas Cook Airlines
Please collect your tickets from the Ace Handling representative who will be situated near the Thomas Cook Airlines check-in desk indicated beside your flight number on the departure screens; they will be wearing a Goa Experience badge.