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10 interesting facts about Goa

Think you're familiar with India's sunshine state? Here are 10 interesting facts about Goa that you might not have known...
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Holidays to Goa in Easter

Make the most of the Easter break by booking yourself a rewarding holiday to Goa, experiencing beautiful beaches and vibrant Easter celebrations.
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The Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

Each year, on 3rd December, marks the anniversary of St Francis Xavier’s death, when thousands gather at the Basilica of Bom Jesus.
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Beyond the beach in Goa

A holiday to Goa isn’t all about the beaches, there are many things to see and do across the state, from historical landmarks to amazing nature.
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Great bases for sightseeing in Goa

Want to discover more than just the glorious beaches?
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5 things to see in Old Goa

Discover the incredible history and culture of Goa by making sure you tick off these top 5 places to visit in Old Goa during your holiday.
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Top 5 Festivals and Events you can find in Goa

We've selected our top 5 festivals and events that happen annually in Goa for your reading pleasure.
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