Goa announces its first ever bird festival

Updated on Jan 08, 2020 by Alastair McClymont

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Goa is set to host its third, three-day bird festival in January 2020 to promote the state's incredible and diverse birdlife.

Each year, Goa hosts its very own three-day bird festival in recognition of the state's intriguing and extensive birdlife, presenting a portfolio of events across a number of different locations.

From the 17th to 19th January 2020, the state will become a hive of ornithological activity and education, showcasing the 450 or so species of bird which populate Goa, as well as Goa's potential as a destination for bird tourism. The bird population in Goa accounts for 35% of India's 1,224 bird species, ranging from herons and kingfishers to cormorants and kites to name but a few. Its avian diversity is only matched by the beauty of the settings and landscapes in which to spot some of the state's most intriguing bird species.

Image credit: Koshy Koshy | Flickr


The Western Ghats, where many of Goa's birds can be discovered, is listed as one of the 25 mega bio-diversity hotspots in the world, directly combining two distinct eco-systems, that of a marine environment and of a forest environment. This directly contributes to the incredible diversity of species found within Goa as a whole. One of the best ways to pay a visit to the Western Ghats and engage with its incredible wildlife is via the Wildernest tour, set in the Swapnagandha Valley where you can enjoy nature walks and birdwatching tours.

Many other areas of Goa act focal points of the festival, including the Bondla and Mollem wildlife sanctuaries, where bird watching events take place, as well as films on the birds of Goa. 


Another key location throughout the festival is the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, located in Chorao, just across the Mandovi River from Panjim. Here there were opportunities to embark on birdwatching experiences, as well as spot a whole host of other species.


As the festival features as an annual event in the Goan calendar, and given that it takes place in the middle of the tourist season, it is a great way to introduce countless people to the incredible wildlife found across the state.

Tempted to explore Goa and its wildlife? We have a number of rewarding tours and excursions which will allow you to delve into the beauty and secrets of Goa.


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