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The birdlife of Goa

Home to more than 450 species, Goa is a wonderful place to embark on some birdwatching.
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Beyond the beach in Goa

A holiday to Goa isn’t all about the beaches, there are many things to see and do across the state, from historical landmarks to amazing nature.
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Introducing our two new Goa excursions

We are always looking to add exciting new experiences to our Goa tours and excursions, so we're delighted to introduce two new additions to our programme.
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Goa announces its first ever bird festival

Goa will be hosting a brand new three-day bird festival in November to promote the state's incredible and diverse birdlife.
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Through the jungle to the Dudhsagar falls, Goa

The Dudhsagar Falls – a four tier waterfall which flows beneath a train line on a 603 metre journey surging down the mountainside.
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Discovering the wildlife of Goa

Discover some of the wonderful wildlife of Goa...
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