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Posted on Jan 06, 2016 by Alastair McClymont

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A great seven-day guide to holidaying in South Goa. Discover the best of the region during your Goa holidays, from beaches to culture.

Those heading for the shores of South Goa during their holidays will find themselves introduced to a destination of immense natural beauty and serene vibes. From glorious sandy beaches and atmospheric beach shacks, to intriguing colonial sites and top quality hotels, a Goa holiday spent in the south of the state will be endlessly rewarding and fascinating. We’ve put together our recommended weekly itinerary for those of you in search of a diverse experience in South Goa.


Day one

Spend day one of your holiday in Goa enjoying the stunning range of beaches on offer in the south. Wherever you choose to lay your beach towel, be it Arossim, Cavelossim or Mobor, you’ll enjoy soft sands and gentle sea breezes. Just south of Arossim you’ll find Goa’s most popular beach shack, Zeebops, serving up superb flavours of Goa.


Day two

Arguably the most beautiful beaches in Goa, ensure your second day is spent on the blissful sands of Palolem and Agonda. Although the two beaches aren’t as undeveloped and sedate as in previous years, there is still an unrivalled beauty to these curving bays, ensuring they are well worth a day of your week-long Goa itinerary.

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Day three

If you haven’t quite caught the vibe of South Goa just yet, day three of your week-long itinerary will do the trick. Spend this day indulging and rejuvenating with a spa treatment or a yoga experience. The Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa has incredible spa facilities that could easily take up a day of your Goa holiday.


Day four

South Goa is the scene of one of our most rewarding tours and excursions, the Maharaja Night experience. Travel to the southernmost tip of the state to Cola Beach, an idyllic setting where your handmade safari tents – your beds for the night – sit waiting for you. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of the beach, dipping in the water, trying your hand at some fishing and relishing a spectacular sunset, all before a tasty meal around the campfire. 

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Day five

The following day, as you awake on the shores of Cola Beach, you’ll be given the opportunity to absorb the setting for the whole morning, as well as enjoy a delicious, local breakfast. Return to your hotel in the afternoon and relax by the pool, or alternatively, head out to your local beach or for an authentic Goan meal at a nearby beach shack.

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Day six

On day six, take a step away from the beach and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and history of the state. This is best achieved with a visit to Old Goa and Panjim. The former was once the most affluent city in Asia and today still boasts numerous splendid buildings and landmarks from the Portuguese colonial era. Panjim’s Fontainas neighbourhood is another area rife with signs of the colonial era in Goa, home to some beautiful Portuguese houses.

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Day seven

Before your journey, spend one more day jumping from beach to beach and beach shack to beach shack. While lazing on the sand or tucking into your fourth fish curry of your holiday in Goa, look back on the experiences you’ve had in the state and begin planning your return.


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How did you spend your time in South Goa? Let us know by commenting below.


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